Creative Event Entertainment Ideas

Over the years, our customers have inspired us with their creative vision of event entertainment. We collected the 20 most creative ideas so you never run out of inspiration!

A challenging quiz, short forms or an interactive voting session can quickly turn your event into a truly creative event. Widgets, such as a digital scratch card or an animated slot machine, stimulate your visitors in a playful way. You can also perfectly complement this with playful gifs or videos, everything is possible! 

Nice inspiration for your next event

1. Smile at the birdie in the photobooth

It may sound obvious, since photobooths have been popular for a while. But there’s a reason for that popularity! You can do all kinds of creative things with it. Process your corporate identity on the photo paper, provide creative backgrounds or props, … Let people immediately share the photo on social media.

Moreover, these kinds of photos are also the best way to forge friendships between colleagues. So what are you waiting for? Get your selfie game on! 

2. Cheers! Shake and mix cocktails

Do you want to create an airy atmosphere at your event? Then a nice drink, preferably prepared in an impressive way, is always a good idea. You can also challenge your guests to get started with composing their aperitif themselves (only recommended at the beginning of the evening!)

3. Waiter? There’s… a waiter in my soup!

Sometimes it’s better to leave the creative event entertainment to someone else. This can be done, for example, with a hilarious waiter act. An actor mixes with the normal waiters and throws all kinds of funny punches. People will never recover from laughing!

4. Take your event to the next level. Literal! 

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. However, experienced event visitors have long had enough of the traditional large hall or auditoriums. This is your chance to change tack with a location from above. The beautiful view is of course also a plus.

5. A casino table, not a bad bet!

Let your guests take a gamble. A poker face is required, a red carpet is always allowed. It ensures that your visitors come together in small groups and get to know each other in an unforgettable way. Event entertainment at its best!

6. Sing it up

We know it’s not for every event, but we just loved it too much to leave it out. Organize a karaoke session! Unleash the Madonna in you or take it a little easier with a slow ballad. Spontaneous singing sessions are not only great fun, they also provide enough (visual) material to talk about for weeks.

7. A little color transforms your event into a real work of art.

It is not the intention that a speed painter will replace your photographer. Rather, think of an artist who completely captivates your guests with his impressive painting skills. Make sure the painting is relevant to your brand so that you convey a valuable message during the event and afterwards.

8. Unleash the Picasso in you event entertainment example 2

Ideal for team building and smaller groups. Turn the tables and let the guests do the painting. Work around the topic of your event, discover how people experience your brand or the moment.

9. Augmented reality at your event? Almost real!

Above we have already discussed the concept of a photobooth. But of course you can always go a step further. Modern technologies allow to create whole scenes around a person as they take a picture. Make images come to life!

10. Let an inspiring guest speaker steal the show

Someone who can inspire and captivate your audience with fun, intriguing topics in the context of your event. That gives the day a nice twist. Their experience makes your guests think to gain new insights.

11. Yummy Entertainment

People love to watch their food being prepared. Some caterers not only offer their food but also show cooking. This way you link the useful to the pleasant and give the guests the time of their lives, bon appetit!

12. Release the child in you and play a game.

Game consoles such as Xbox and Wii are the ultimate way to let yourself go. Not only are they good for hours of fun, but you can also incorporate educational elements into them. Maybe a banal game doesn’t immediately seem suitable for your event, but hey, it doesn’t always have to be stiff, right?

13. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your Martini came out of your nose?

Instead of hiring a standard comedian, you can make it just a little more interactive. Let all your guests participate in challenges, guided by experienced actors.

We know that surveys and quizzes don’t sound half as crazy as the things mentioned above… But that doesn’t mean they can’t be!

Don’t let the classic format of a quiz stop your creativity. Create an entertaining and interactive quiz, survey, voting session ,… Anything is possible.

Should you ever use this list, be sure to invite us too, promise?

Have fun!

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