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Tumbao is a new type of dance that combines aerobic movements with dance techniques to help the body express itself. They include basic steps of Latin dances such as salsa, reggaeton, merengue etc.

Where did this dance come from?

Tumbao comes from Venezuela and is a combination of dance and fitness. Its name came from slaves who had been transported from Africa to Venezuela by Spanish conquerors, who believed that the sound produced by the drum was the soul of the rhythm.

What are its features?

Tumbao belongs to the category of aerobic exercise. This dance combines expressive movements for the body while you also learn the technique of various Latin dances (eg merengue, salsa, reggaeton, dembow, bachata, etc.) while offering cardiovascular benefits along with fun to anyone who decides to try.The characteristic of Tumbao, but also what makes it stand out from other aerobic forms of training is that it leads to weight loss while at the same time it leads to the stimulation of muscle groups, without, however, making the trainee bored.

Tumbao has all the features you are looking for if you are looking for an alternative way of working out. So the advantages it offers are the following: it helps you understand your body movements, it aims at learning Latin dances, it helps to burn calories, it offers psychological stimulation, while it trains you to be able to control your body.

 How long does a typical Tumbao course last and what does it include?

A typical Tumbao lesson lasts 50 minutes. Usually beyond the choreography the course includes a small part with exercises and stretching which are necessary to be done before any form of exercise. Choreographies consist of alternations between slow and fast repetitions of various movements. The movements are embedded in a choreography that is designed to engage and ultimately train specific muscle groups.

Are there any basic moves I need to learn?

The movements and the technique of this type of dance are based on Latin dances. So in each lesson each choreography is different in terms of its movements. The instructor shows the movements each time and then together with the participants they perform the choreography.Hands and feet move at the same time. The arms usually either make a movement that involves lifting them above the head or move either right or left at shoulder height or just below them. The movements of the legs are proportional to the steps of each choreography while the pelvis and waist are also involved.The video below shows Tumbao creator Pedro Santana presenting a choreography. So you can get a little taste. You will better understand the nature of dance, its philosophy, how a choreography is taught and finally the movements that it may include:

When it comes to muscle training, what parts of the body does it work out?

Tumbao is a different approach to fitness and aims at both weight loss and sculpting. What parts of the body does he exercise? As an aerobic type of exercise, in the first part of the body that aims, to offer benefits and at the same time exercise is the heart and it achieves this as the heart rate increases. In addition, it helps increase metabolic burning and at the same time exercises the main muscle groups of the body, namely the arms and legs.More specifically, the shoulders and biceps are exercised from the upper extremities, making only simple movements to the rhythm of the music, while from the point of the lower extremities it aims at sculpting the gastrocnemius muscle. Like other types of dance, Tumbao activates and improves circulation throughout the body with all muscle groups involved.In addition, other changes that you will notice in your body over time are the tightening of the abs, the strengthening of your torso and the acquisition of flexibility.

Are there different levels to this type of exercise?

How easy or difficult a choreography can be depends on the design of each instructor. While the intensity with which each choreography is performed depends on the dance pieces but also on the part of the training that each choreography aims at (warm-up / main part / recovery).However, regarding the differentiation of the classes, even if there are no separate classes for each level (ie beginners / advanced), each instructor is obliged to do his lesson in such a way that it is flexible for all trainees. of.

Before exercising I need to seek advice from my orthopedist or doctor

Do I need to have some level of fitness to get started?

The safety of everyone involved in an exercise program is everything. So, as in any other type of exercise, so in this form it is necessary before participation the advice of your doctor or orthopedist especially if you have a problem or had a history with the joints.When it comes to fitness it is not necessary to be in perfect shape to get started

Are there cases of people in whom this form of exercise is contraindicated?

The advice of a doctor should be sought in any kind of exercise. So if you have a medical problem or if you belong to a special population group your treating physician should provide you with information on whether or not you can participate in this program. However in any case Tumbao like other types of dance of course and does not exclude the participation of different people. Recommended for all people regardless of age and fitness. As a form of aerobic exercise, because it does not involve the use of organs, it is a safe form of exercise.

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