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When you celebrate your birthday, your wedding or something completely different, a good and festive entertainment can be one of the memories that after the party will be sharpest in your guests’ memories.

A good entertainment can both be a good opportunity to shake people together, and it can also help to loosen the mood and get your guests’ laughter muscles going.

Here at the editorial office, we want to give you some great tips and ideas for your party entertainment.

We have collected 19 fun party games that can both be held by him or her who arranges the party, but there are also a number of games that guests can pack in their bags on the way to the party, as a surprise for the main character of the day.

Common to all the games is that they are some fun games that can help to shake the party’s guests together and contribute to a good atmosphere.

Party games for weddings, round birthdays etc.

Here comes our possible offer of good party games, which are especially suitable for larger festive events such as weddings and big round birthdays.

Banknote under the plate

“Banknote under the plate”, or “Test your guest” is a fun game, you can play with a lot of participants. It’s a really fun game because it shakes people together and gets some of the inhibitions pulled away.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Ball pen

Here’s how:

Young parties take selfies at a party table

In this game, your guests are tested and boundaries are broken, which will kick-start the party.

This game can make your dinner a lot more fun as it involves all of your guests and it requires everyone to take

take part in it. It involves writing challenges on small notes that you place under your guests’ plates.

Before the dinner starts, inform your guests that they should look at the note under their plate and that they must not reveal their challenge to each other.

Through the dinner, they must then perform their challenges, and at the end of the dinner, it must to the left of one guess the guest’s challenge. Hvis the guest’s challenge is not guessed, it will result in a fun punishment for the guest. By introducing a fun punishment, it will in many cases give the guests an incentive to perform the task in great style, so they are sure that it will be guessed.

It makes the game even more fun. In some gatherings, certain challenges may be inappropriate, so choose challenges that fit the formality and form of the party itself.

Possible challenges:

  • Shout ‘bowl of water’ at least 15 times during dinner
  • Pour wine up to your right sidekick at least eight times during dinner
  • Get conversation topics started about pee ants, bouncy castles and comma rules.
  • Every time you go to the toilet, there must be paper hanging after your shoe / set.
  • Give a short speech
  • Smile an unnatural smile to the other guests through the dinner.
  • Make sure you have plenty of food between your teeth and smile at least 5 times.
  • Find beautiful new plates for your party


Friends sing karaoke togetherKaraoke is a fun game, whether your guests are drunk or sober, because there is always someone who is incredibly good at singing, or at knowing the lyrics, but there is also always someone who forgets all the lyrics and does not have a tone in life.

What you need:

  • Playstation
  • Karaoke DVD or Sing Star
  • Microphones – preferably two

How to:

Once dinner is over and your guests have had some wine on board, singing karaoke can be both fun and festive. It does not have to be that all your guests have to pay attention to the singing guest.

Instead, you can put it in another room where guests have the opportunity to try out their singing talent or just watch. You can also use Sing Star, where your guests can compete against each other in hitting the right notes.

If you do not have a Playstation and microphones, you can go to The Karaoke Channel on YouTube and sing in a choir on a lot of cool hits.

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