Music Therapy

By revealing our thoughts and feelings, music can offer a unique opportunity for self-awareness and enrichment of expression. music has played a role in expressing social consciousness as well as being a source of artistic inspiration for people. In all areas of life, from birth to death, we are not exposed to a process without music.

It  was originally tried, but its potential has not yet been adequately grasped and has not been reflected in daily practice.

 role of music in communication begins with the history of humanity. Music is the most effective method used in the expression and communication of feelings and thoughts between people and societies throughout history. Since the world was founded, it has played the greatest role in the development of the religious, military and spiritual power of societies. Music in communication began long before speech. Music is a very strong fundamental phenomenon that affects people’s mental, physical and spiritual behaviors, meets their communication needs and balances social relations.

Music not only makes people mentally strong, but also one of the most effective therapy methods used in the treatment of mental and physical health.

Music Therapy Today

An increasing number of individuals are experiencing mental problems. As social life becomes more complex, mental problems also differ. Treatment protocols gain new dimensions in this framework. Today, music therapy is used to improve the psychological state of patients in the treatment process of many diseases. Although it is a cheap and side-effect-free method, it has a positive effect on the physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual recovery of patients. Music is a unique stimulus as it causes both physiological and psychological responses in the listener.

Music therapy, which has been forgotten with the development of orthodox medicine and has been used for thousands of years, has begun to be noticed again by Western medicine. The neuroscience of music and musicotherapy is now being studied. music therapy; It is an allied health specialty based on the patient relationship with a trained music therapist that uses music and all its aspects, physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual, to restore or improve one’s health.

The music therapist basically treats the patient’s health by using their musical experiences (improvisation, singing, songwriting, listening to and discussing music, moving with music) in various fields such as cognitive functions, emotional , motor skills, and affective development,social abilities,  behavior and quality of life. helps by reaching its methods and goals.

Music therapy takes a more holistic approach to physiological functions. That is, with six elements consisting of rhythm, melody, timbre, dynamics, harmony and form, it turns to the body and soul to organize the system and to receive and process more accurate information. It is accepted as both an art and a science with many qualitative and quantitative researches in the literature. The practice can be done one-on-one or with a group, as an active participant or passive listener, improvising or using a certain music.

I hope that music will be used more widely in the future as it deserves.

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