What Is Entertainment?

The entertainment is a combination of the words Internet and entertainment . The term has been used since the early 1990s and is often thought to have been inspired by the establishment of the INTERTAINMENT Media Concepts & Licensing company. In the modern sense, the word is not limited to a single company. It refers to the multiple ways that people enjoy or enjoy Internet-based services. There are so many ways people access entertainment on the internet, it would be hard to list them all and this field continues to grow with the new development of the technology that powers the internet.

Early in the use of the Internet, some examples of entertainment include MOOs and MUDs. Multi-object oriented and multi-user dungeons or domains were places on the Internet where people could collect and create text-based descriptions of environments. They could then talk to each other, play games like Scrabble, engage in imaginative and sometimes sexual text games. Other examples of early entertainment are the numerous USENET or email-based groups called listserves, where people with common interests could share information, get support, ask questions, or provide information on a topic.

Modern forms of entertainment are much more sophisticated. Consider the many things a person can do over the Internet. You can catch up on your favorite shows by using networks or companies. Live streaming makes many network shows readily available to people with fairly sophisticated computers. People who using Internet can also download their favorite TV shows for a price.

You can also download movies to computers or televisions via cable connections or gaming machines such as Wii® or PlayStation®. People can also buy online games for these machines or play them online at numerous free or subscription internet gaming sites. Another form of entertainment is access to music; consumers buy millions of songs and albums from sites or alternatively they can search for videos produced by their favorite artists on sites like YouTube

The intervention includes the ability to read an online newspaper, join any type of email or Internet group of interest, or follow or create blogs. Millions of people find everyday fun contributing to social networking sites. In addition, it should be made clear that Internet entertainment does not just happen on the computer screen. People access it on televisions, cell phones, reading machines, and even on some music players .

Entertainment will replace traditional entertainment and this may be well founded. For example, newspaper sales have dropped dramatically because people can access newspapers online and can avail themselves of the numerous Internet-only news sites such as The Huffington Post or Politico . Television networks have similar concerns but many are learning how to adapt their programming to the entertainment environments of the Internet. The survival of traditional entertainment probably depends on how well these sources learn to use the Internet to their advantage.

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